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Welcome to Hammond Charcuterie

Speciality meats from the lush banks of the River Tweed, the green hills and wooded valleys of Berwickshire in Scotland.

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Roe venison, local, smoked, in salami, fresh sausages or in rillettes.


The RSPCA Wildlife Fact-sheet says, deer are the cause of nearly 74,000 road accidents in the UK each year so let's do our bit to for road safety and eat wild cull venison

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Please ring before visiting - as I am not always on site - Unit 1, Meantime Workshops,

North Greenwich Road, Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1RG



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Tel: 07905 697717

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Traditional and innovative charcuterie - hand-crafted with obsessive care from the finest produce


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Using only the highest-welfare, rare-breed pork, mutton, wild game using traditional methods.


I make air-dried hams, cured meats, chorizo, salamis and other fine charcuterie.


My online shop is coming soon!


The pork I use is raised in woodland, free to roam and root, and when it's hot they wallow in the pond and drink spring water, then they nestle together in family groups in fresh straw-lined arks when it's cool.

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